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A Nonprofit Organization

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What We Do

Spoonies Unite is a nonprofit organization offering financial assistance for wellness treatments to help the chronically ill population feel their best so they can truly live their fullest, most joyful life. 

Having a chronic illness or disability can be so isolating, it's our mission to help you feel better on a daily basis so you can be more active and involved in your life and community.

Whether that be spending more time doing recreational activities with friends, hanging out with family, having more energy to work or volunteer, to express your creativity, or explore the outdoors, whatever it may be!

We want to lift some of the financial burden so you can use your energy on some of the biggest elements of healing:

connecting with others, having more joy and happiness within yourself and your life, and making the world around you more accessible to you and the life you want. 

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How We Started

Spoonies Unite was founded by Cassie and Chelsea, hosts of The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness, community, Mastering Energy Management and are proud to be one of Aerie's 2020 Changemakers!

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"We advocate for every illness and disability, every human experience is important. And whether you have a visible or invisible disability, the world we live in is not structured in a way that is friendly to the disabled, from medical care to social judgement- things need to change. We need to change the way we are seen, heard, treated and supported."

- Cassie and Chelsea
Founders of Spoonies Unite

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Our home base is in Wichita, KS

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