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Redefine Creativity

“I need to be productive.” How many times do you say that same phrase to yourself each week? Chances are, probably a lot. But what does ‘being productive’ actually mean?

Within our ‘go-go-go’ society, being productive tends to mean that you are accomplishing things on a to-do list, it means getting things done and actively doing something. But what if we change up this view on productivity? What if we were to alter the meaning to be something more along the lines of doing anything that helped you live a better life? And when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING.

Wouldn’t it feel good to be able to look at lying on the couch watching Netflix all day because you need a day to simply chill and you’re honestly enjoying binging Grey’s Anatomy for the 10th time as being productive? But instead of viewing that activity that is honestly going to help you feel better and get more out of the rest of your week as productive, we tend to view it as being ‘lazy.’ Defining an activity as being lazy doesn’t tend to make us feel very good about doing it. But defining an activity as being productive, that does tend to make us feel good and like we spent our time doing something that mattered.

So I challenge you to redefine what productivity means to you this week. Add in those activities that may seem ‘lazy’ or frivolous but make you feel damn good and do MORE of those things! We’d love to hear how this small shift makes an impact on your life in the comments. :)

- Chelsea


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