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Say 'No' to say 'Yes!'

Every time you say no to something that doesn’t serve you, you say yes to what is most important to you.

You know that volunteer project that your friend made you feel like you had to say yes to organizing? That one that takes away your Saturday mornings and time with your family and makes you spend time helping a cause that you honestly just don’t feel passionate about? By saying yes to that one project, you’ve said no to spending your time the way you really want to - spending a quiet Saturday with your loved ones.

By saying yes, you’ve sent that message to yourself and those around you that helping with this volunteer project that is sucking the life out of your soul is more important than your loved ones. Even if that’s not how you actually feel, it’s the message you send.

How many times are you saying yes to things that don’t actually matter to you that take time and energy away from what would actually make you feel happy and full of life? How many times have you said yes to something that meant that you didn’t have enough spoons to do what you really wanted the rest of the day? Or get enough sleep? Or just simply take time for yourself?

I challenge you this week to pay attention to what opportunities you say yes to and become aware of what you’re saying no to in return. Let’s say no to more things that don’t help us live the life we want to live and say yes to more of the things that actually matter most to us.


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